Body and Mind Matters - Action Cancer and AWARE

Body and Mind Matters - Action Cancer and AWARE

FREE Public talk with two of Northern Ireland’s leading charities, Action Cancer and AWARE with support from the Royal College of Psychiatrists in NI.

The organisations have teamed up to share their expertise in order to help and support people with cancer who are also struggling with depression.

The impact of a cancer diagnosis can be traumatic both physically and psychologically, it is therefore not surprising and, very understandable, that the rate of depression amongst cancer patients is high.  Together with Action Cancer, AWARE is seeking not only to raise awareness of the correlation between cancer and subsequent depression but to send out the very positive message that depression is an illness that is treatable, preventable and people can recover from it.

Speaking at the event is Dr Philip Campbell, a forensic Psychiatrist from the South Eastern Trust who is a passionate advocate that the appropriate help is sought to address the mental health issues associated with the receipt of a challenging diagnosis concerning physical health.

When: Wednesday 5 October

Time: 7pm - 9pm (Refreshments from 6:30pm)

Where: Malone House, Belfast.


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