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AWARE Mindfulness Day 2016

On November 10, AWARE celebrated their annual Mindfulness day to encourage people to place a greater importance on their mental health by using the practice of Mindfulness on a daily basis. The AWARE Mindfulness Day took place in the Glasshouse, Stormont and welcomed a range of speakers from Queen’s University, Health and Social Care Trust as well as well renowned PR agency, JComms.  The speakers all came together to discuss the important role mindfulness plays in their daily personal and professional lives.

Mindfulness is the ancient practice of being in the moment which is achieved by focusing on one of our senses, be it touch, vision, hearing, taste or smell. It is a skill anyone can acquire and gives us a more enlightened understanding of how we have become enslaved by our thoughts and emotions. 

It was great to see so many people at the AWARE Mindfulness Day from all sectors including those from community and voluntary, private and statutory sectors.

Chris Harrison, Director of JComms participated in a Mindfulness programme along with colleagues. Chris spoke at the AWARE Mindfulness Day and said,

“We were interested in Mindfulness from the perspective of helping increase focus by filtering out the many distractions and noise that are inevitable in our industry. I feel that it has been very beneficial, helping control information over load and focus on the present moment.”

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