Dalriada Festival Mood Walk

Dalriada Festival Mood Walk

Altmore Street, Glenarm

Tuesday 18 July 2017

We are delighted to partner up with the Dalriada Festival to host the rst ever AWARE Mood Walk on the North Coast. The AWARE Mood Walk is a fun- lled event which you can enjoy with family and friends. The Mood Walk itself is either a 5k or 10k walk.

Times: The Dalriada Festival AWARE Mood Walk will begin at 7pm with registration from 6pm. Before the walk begins, all participants are invited to take part in a short motivating warm up to lift our moods and help us get both physically and mentally prepared for the Mood Walk. The warm up will be taken by personal trainers from Inspire Gym, Larne.

Registration fee: £10

Minimum donation: We encourage everyone to raise as much as possible. The average donation is £45.