AWARE featured on UTV Live as part of Mental Health Awareness Week

AWARE featured on UTV Live as part of Mental Health Awareness Week

Published on Thursday, 11 May 2017

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During Mental Health Awareness Week 2017, AWARE were featured on a special report by Jane Loughrey on Depression on UTV Live at 6pm.

The report featured Lindsay Robinson from 'Have You Seen That Girl?' talk about her own personal experience of postnatal depression and how it affected her. The report then went on to show an AWARE Support Group in action with an interview from Michael Mooney, AWARE's Support Group facilitator. During the interview Michael spoke about how depression felt for him and how it changed him as a person, but with the help of an AWARE Support Group and his love for painting, he was able to recover from his depression.

Michelle Byrne from AWARE spoke to UTV about the levels of antidepressants in Northern Ireland and the fact that last year, 500 people under the age of 15 were on antidepressants. The main message from AWARE was to anyone suffering from depression that you dont have to go through this illness alone, there is help and you can recover from it. 

Thank you to UTV for this very important report during Mental Health Awareness Week and to everyone that participated. 


Watch the report here - 

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