Lough Neagh Bubble

Lough Neagh Bubble

Up Lough Neagh in a Bubble - Sunday 6 August 

One Sunday 6th August 2017, AWARE will be hosting 'Up Lough Neagh in a Bubble.' The event will take place at Kinnego Marina, Craigavon and is the first of its kind on Lough Neagh! This will no doubt be a fantastic event and we are epecting high number so register now to secure your place! 

We are looking for individuals and teams, to sign up and get the ball rolling.Each individual is allocated to a zorb and the aim of the challenge is to achieve the greatest number of rotations. Team members can operate individually or in pairs, and they battle it out against the clock. Two zorbs will be deployed during the event, each anchored in the water with participants accessing the zorb from a rescue boat.

Registration fee: £20 (per person) will secure your place.

Minimum Fundraising: £55

All money raised is put directly back into the services of AWARE and helping to support and educate people on the illness of depression and bipolar disorder throughout Northern Ireland. 

For more information, email our fundraising team on fundraising@aware-ni.org or call us on 028 9035 7820.